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Hitachi: A Load Easier


With the latest advanced Japanese technology, Hitachi has designed a new kind of washing machine based on the concept of washing with the power of water. The new technology of Ultra-Stream Wash circulates twice the amount of water previously possible for powerful washing, and the result…extreme clean results as well as water saving.


The Ultra-Stream Wash technology functions with large X-shaped fins on the surface of the pulsator, which powerfully agitates the laundry ensuring detergent-rich water penetrates into clothes. At the same time, the reverse side of the pulsator strongly pushes 70L/min of water upward from the bottom of the tub, producing powerful water circulation that thoroughly removes dirt while reducing water consumption.

Featuring Hitachi’s original glass top design, it is even easier to function and control, even when it’s operating. Large items or loads are no challenge for Hitachi washing machines either, with a huge capacity of up to 24kg. Packed with a host of features including inverter technology and smart saver functions for better energy and water savings, tangle-free finish for fewer wrinkles on clothes and auto self-clean to prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria, Hitachi’s new washing machines will be sure to make cleaning chores a whole load easier.