Home Garden Variety: How to Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces

Garden Variety: How to Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces


If you’ve come across our guide on the many ways of furnishing outdoor spaces, or our ideas for urban gardens, you may be interested in seeing some of those ideas in practice – so we listed some of the ideal examples of outdoor spaces we have seen to provide you with inspiration.

Tropical Diversion

Modern and tropical influences converge in this outdoor space for a warm result: the wood deck of this side yard is appointed with furnishings of rustic design, while the simplistic wood blocks and reinforcing steel bars painted black stand in direct contrast to the distinctly modern character of the architecture.

Expressions in Stone

A grassy mesa is painted in miniature, with grey pebble-wash plinths and a swathe of white river pebbles enclosing a patch of lawn. The adjacent raised wood deck hosts an intimate assembly of wicker furniture to facilitate a meditative view of the yard.

Expansive Vista

Keeping in mind that an expanse of stone may be overwhelmingly cold, Jashen Interior Design selects floor tiles that bear the shades and grains of wood to create the impression of a deck made from lumber in this section of the patio. Potted plants are used sparingly to line the edge of the hardscape and serve as the points of  transition to the grassy plain and the inviting water feature.

Transported Greenery

Design by: DMZ Consultancy

Instead of opting for the default architectural finishes that came with this patio, DMZ Consultancy installs a layer of artificial grass and lines the diamond mesh railings with planters to bring the lushness of the outdoors even closer to the extents of the home.

Enigmatic Lighting

Design by: Regal Violet

The otherwise dark corners of this side yard are illuminated by glowing orbs and lit ripples of water at night. The motion of water falling over the ridged stone panels creates a hypnotic dance of light and shadow over the neatly contained greenery nearby to evoke imagery of the nocturnal jungle.