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Fotile Special | Cooking Made Enjoyably Easy with the Fotile REX Series Oven


If you love cooking and baking for the family, an oven is a must-have in the kitchen. The perfect appliance for modern kitchens, Fotile REX Series Oven offers a host of practical and innovative features that are designed for an easy and enjoyable cooking experience.

Simple Operation
When you want to just dive right into your cooking without needing to learn what all the different buttons do on your cooking appliances, the Fotile REX Series Oven is for you. Designed with simple operations, you can cook and bake anything in only 3 steps: Select mode > Set temperature > Set timer. Once the timer is set, you can leave all the hard work to the oven and move on to other things to do.

Accurate Temperature Controls
Worried about undercooking or overcooking that chicken in the oven? Fotile REX Series Oven will put your mind at ease, thanks to its accurate temperature controls that are designed to make sure food is baked evenly. The thermostat sensor accurately detects fluctuations in temperature, ensuring that the temperature setting is maintained. With this oven, you can say goodbye to unstable temperatures and half-cooked meals.

70L Large Capacity
For those who enjoy cooking and entertaining, Fotile REX Series Oven comes with large capacity (70L) and a 5-layer side rack so that you can bake food of all shapes and sizes effortlessly.

Humanized Design
Designed with users in mind, Fotile REX Series Oven is made to offer you a fuss-free cooking experience from start to finish. More than just a tool to help your food gets cooked efficiently, humanized design features are also incorporated for your convenience:

  • See through window – comprises new lighting design and large viewable window
  • Beginner-friendly – creates a variety of delicious flavours with the oven’s Easy Tips
  • Anti-spill grill – enables the grill to be balanced perfectly for increased safety
  • Low-E glass – the safe-to-be-touched Low-E glass door prevents heat loss by keeping the surface of the door below 46ºC
  • User-friendly interface – double light indicator displays oven’s temperature status

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