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23rd November 2014,


The type of fabrics influences the mood, ambience and style of your spaces. Curtainsplace gives a few pointers on how to make them work at home.



There are many different types of fabric, all of which are suitable for use in the home for different reasons. Fabrics fall into varying categories; you will find yourself deciding on design, colour, and application depending on where the fabric will be used. Below is a guide to the different types of fabric which are available and how they can best be used.

Printed fabrics are available in a multitude of colours, and can feature designs which vary greatly. They can also feature anything from stripes of colour or simple geometric shapes to decorative African animal prints. Some fabrics may feature more than one colour or more than one tone of the same colour. This means you have more flexibility when it comes to the colour of your other decor as there are more colours in the print which you can choose to tone in with. With most prints, it is sensible to select one colour from the design as an accent tone.



Plain fabrics tend to feature one main colour. Although they may have stripes or patterns woven in too, these will usually be in the same colour or a very similar tone.

Again, most colours will be available from the bold and bright to soft pastels and neutrals. Plain colour fabrics may be available in a wider variety of textures such as a chunky boucle which can make them a fantastic feature. Plains also have the advantage of enhancing other features of the room rather than taking the focus away from them.

Florals, stripes, circles – any fabric that has a design woven into the cloth constitutes a decorative element.  These fabrics cover a broad spectrum of colour and design from naturals to big bold colours.  These fabrics bring a lift to any room and can make a fantastic statement.

Sheers are translucent fabrics, often with a soft sheen. If used alone as a window treatment, sheers are usually a decorative option, as they do not ensure privacy when a room is lit from the inside. Voiles are light, semitransparent fabrics. Usually a plain-weave, sheer fabric of cotton, rayon, silk, or wool, voiles are also used for decorative purposes and teamed with drapes to provide privacy and light control if required.
Many of our fabrics are available coated, meaning they have a backing applied which helps them to block out the light. Usually a lining is not required with a coated fabric. There are also special kinds of coated fabrics for specific purposes such as Thermaldrape® and Blockout. For drapery use, coated fabrics or linings are strongly recommended. However coated fabric is not necessary for light upholstery, such as cushions.


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