Home Eco Laundry: Electrolux’s UltimateCare™ Washer-Dryers Deliver Excellent Eco-friendly Washing Results

Eco Laundry: Electrolux’s UltimateCare™ Washer-Dryers Deliver Excellent Eco-friendly Washing Results


Electrolux continues leadership in the Front Load Washing Machine Segment with two new UltimateCare™ Washer-Dryers models that deliver excellent washing results, while still being gentle on the environment.

Answering the call from consumers to deliver a perfect laundry solution that ensures exceptional washing results at low temperatures, Electrolux, a global leader in home appliances and a market leader in fabric care, recently introduced the UltimateCare™ washing machines that saves on electricity, enable shorter washing cycles and be even more environmentally friendly without compromising the quality, vibrant colours of the fabric.

70% of discarded clothes are discarded prematurely due to faded colours, shrinkage and misshaping. These discarded clothes are likely to end up in landfills, where they pile up to produce toxic greenhouse gasses that are emitted into the atmosphere. As a leading cause of global warming, these gases are very dangerous for our environment and hazardous for our health. This could be reduced and further prevented with better laundry care habits.

Image Credit: Electrolux (Malaysia)

Electrolux strives to ensure that its products, services and production contribute to sustainable development, which is why we are always finding ways to better improve our products and reduce harsh impacts on our environment.

Laundry Care With a Purpose
With the environment in mind, Electrolux is expanding the UltimateCare™ range of front-load washers and washer-dryers by introducing two more washer-dryers models to the range. Both the 10kg & 11kg premium Electrolux washer-dryers are designed with the UltraMix™ System that premixes the detergent to deliver deeper clean and 31% better colour care to prevent fading.

This patented pre-mixing technology dissolves the detergent before it reaches your clothes and cleans even the most delicate garments. These Electrolux washer-dryers also come equipped with Vapour Action that softens fabric and reduces allergens by up to 99.9%.

Model: EWW14113. Dimensions: H850 x W600 x D669 mm. Image Credit: Electrolux (Malaysia)
Model: EWW14023. Dimensions: H850 x W600 x D669 mm. Image Credit: Electrolux (Malaysia)

The Electrolux UltimateCare range of front loading washers and washer-dryers delivers a deeper clean even with cold water, boasting the standard of 1.07 given by the international Energy Consortium, as opposed to the industry standard of 1.03. At the same time, since low temperature water is used, the colour retention is superior with 31% less fading after a year, while the energy consumption is lower by 75% and the washing cycle time reduced by 44%.

These front-load washing machines and washer-dryers were developed directly through the feedback from focus groups across consumers in various countries. The concerns about electricity consumption, cleanliness of the garments, maintaining colour care and quality of the fabric, and environmental friendliness came on top of minds.

The new UltimateCare™ range of front load washers and washer-dryers starts at a retail price of RM3,999, available in Malaysian appliances stores.


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