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Commercial: Copper Concepts


One of the only two Tom Dixon retail showrooms in the United States, the Howard St. store occupies a four-storey building in the SoHo neighbourhood of Manhattan, an area currently in the midst of a Renaissance and revitalization that has become an epicentre for likeminded food, hospitality, fashion and interiors ventures. commercial-tom-dixon

Formerly a boot-making factory on Howard Street, today its three floors feature Tom Dixon’s full range of futuristic lamps, heavyweight furniture and eclectic accessories. There is also also a basement space housing material samples, prototyes and decorative items for design professionals to explore on a consistently rotating schedule. The dark basement which Dixon jokingly calls the “torture chamber” also offers a discovery space for what his lights would like at night.

“It’s a place that aims to bridge the gap between the professional market and the consumer market,” Dixon told journalists during a tour of the building. “It’s really important for us to finally have a direct relationship to American customers.”


For the ground floor, Dixon’s copper-toned products including his collection of desk accessories, pendant lamps and coffee brewing sets take the spotlight. Towards the back, there is a small space area with walls donning black faux fur.

“The furry walls are really an exercise in what could happen if we had more interesting acoustic materials,” said Dixon.


Where copper marks the lower floors, gold becomes the predominant palette in the upper levels. Visitors are treated  to a showcase of larger pieces here, which include Dixon’s tables, chairs and shelves. There is also a small cafe area tucked cosily at the side flanked by a marble counter.