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With its interesting mix of creative interior features, this office offers an easy-going but vibrant environment to work in.

Dplus M 2

THE INTERIOR OF AN OFFICE plays a vital role in determining a working environment that encourages creativity. To achieve this desired environment in this office, the designers cleverly considered the arrangement of formal, working and casual spaces defined with various materials. Upon arrival, the materials immediately inform the branding of the company supported by the signage wall of laser cut black glass and internal lighting. A water feature with bronze sculpture becomes a central focal point both visually and physically where main circulation flows intersect. Work stations are designed with black and white furniture to create a formal setting.

Discussion areas are equipped with sofas, stools and wooden chairs. Sheer curtains filter light from the outside to give the office a sense of spaciousness and comfort. Pendant lights central to tables illuminate the environment with creative designs. A spacious pantry gives a touch of an industrial cafe vibe with the incorporation of raw materials such as glazed brick walls, timber cabinets and cement looking tiles.

Dplus M 6

Dplus M 5

Dplus M 4

Dplus M 3

Dplus M 7

Warm Combinations: Shades of black and earthy browns are combined together in the pantry to create a warm yet comfortable ambiance.

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