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A Christmas to Cherish: How to Turn Your Home into a Christmas Wonderland


This Christmas, instead of merely decorating a tree with lights and ornaments that would very likely be taken down by the end of January next year, you may want to do something a little more exciting – something that can involve the whole family and be appreciated for years to come. How about painting the living room with Christmas-themed colours and shapes? Check out this guide on how to create a diamond patterns on your walls, courtesy of Dulux, the leading decorative paint brand from AkzoNobel.

You’ll need the following:

Step 1: Fold an A3 paper vertically, along its longest side. Then, fold it again horizontally.

Step 2: Pull back the top right corner and fold diagonally. Repeat this on the other side of the paper and unfold it to A4 size.

Step 3: Cut along the creases on both sides.

This is how the piece of paper should look like after all the folding and cutting. You’ll need about 20 of these, depending on the size of your wall.

Step 4: Use the tape measure and a piece of chalk to mark the centre of the wall. At the same time, cover a piece of string that is the length of the wall with the same chalk.

Step 5: Take the chalk-covered string, tape one end to the top of the wall, along the marked centre, and tie a key to the other end of the string. Once the string is secured in place, just pluck the string like you would a guitar string to create a straight line that will be a guide to place your diamond templates.

Step 6: Start placing the diamond templates along the centre line and next to each other.

Step 7: Let the painting begin!

And you’re done.

But wait! The diamonds here are beige, and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the traditional red and white (see photo below). Just colour that in, and you’ll be all set with the Christmas holiday spirit. It will surely add more colour as you exchange presents and sit down for dinner with your loved ones by the side.

Another question would be, how do you find red and white that complement each other? That’s where the Dulux Visualizer app comes in. Available for both Apple and Android phones, the app allows you to easily find colour combinations. The award-winning Dulux Visualizer App allows you to create a real-time virtual impression of what your room will look before you paint it. If you’re looking for some ideas, how about using ‘Dulux Party Place (31YR 18/648)’ dan ‘Old Flame’ (10YR 13/437)?

For more information on Dulux products offering, visit Dulux’s website at http://www.dulux.com.my or Dulux Malaysia Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/DuluxMalaysia. To obtain help from our colour consultation service, contact Dulux at 1-800-88-9338 or email Dulux at customercare.my@akzonobel.com.

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