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Chic Advantage: Gusto Design & Build

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While minimalism is the core concept of this eclectic home, colours and textures soften the atmosphere in an elegant way.

A minimalism concept doesn’t always need to mean stark spaces , as this home shows. The designers have instead used the fundamentals of a minimalist concept and put in a colourful twist that incorporates a palette of rich textures and eye-catching materials.

In the living area, a light-toned backdrop consisting of laminate flooring, creamy white walls and white ceiling becomes the perfect canvas to bring a series of warm features together: the black and grey sofas with colourful pillows and a pair of armchairs, one in red, the other in yellow. In the centre, a round brown coffee table complements the white TV cabinet as well as the white console tucked in the corner.

The dining room mimics the same palette with its white and light brown palette. A round table with six chairs illuminated by the lighting piece above sets off a modern elegant mood. This space also receives ample natural sunlight and views of the garden from the large window. Right across the room is the open kitchen which continues to showcase the warm minimalism concept. Designed with predominantly white cabinets, the cookspace is kept clutter-free. As there are plenty of storage spaces, this allows the owners to stow their things away neatly when not in used.

Upstairs, the master bedroom also maintains a clean and open space with minimal furnishing. The master bed is placed in the centre of the room, enhanced by an upholstered headboard that goes all the way to the ceiling. Wall sconces on the left and right brighten the space while heavy drapes that frame the glass sliding door leading to the balcony soften the atmosphere.

In the master bathroom, white cabinets with his-and-hers vanity countertops offer a luxurious ambience. The designers also included mirrors that cover the walls behind the sinks to create the illusion of a larger space. Next door, a walk-in wardrobe decked entirely in white optimizes the use of room space. A vanity table is placed at the side near the window while a light green pouf enhances the decor.

In the other bedrooms, strong interior design themes are used. For instance, blue and white bedding contrasts the feature wall painted in pastel pink in one of the bedrooms. Here, a glass partition segregates the bed from the study area. In another bedroom, black and white bedding complements the brick-like motifs above the white headboard to give off a unique ambience.

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Featured in iD iNdesign Bumper 2019 vol. 14

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