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laine Robert is no stranger to the Asian design world. As the creative director of Blaine Robert Design Sdn. Bhd., Blaine’s curiosity has taken him to several countries around the Asia-Pacific region, picking up eclectic design elements and inspiration from the cultures he found himself designing in. Now based in Kuala Lumpur, he has made his mark creating spaces that are both timeless and sophisticated.

As a highly desired interior designer, Blaine is meticulous when it comes to clients. Collaborating with one of Malaysia’s top property developers, Naza TTDI on its latest project, KL Metropolis, Blaine works his magic creating interiors that stuns and amazes. Let’s find out more about this project from Blaine…

KL Metropolis
Conceptualised as a 21st century commercial business district, KL Metropolis is poised to become one of the nation’s most important city, with its ambitious, synergistic mixed-use of development. Strategically located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, centrally located at Jalan Duta, it is flanked by affluent neighbourhoods such as Damansara Heights, Bangsar, Mont Kiara and Sri Hartamas. With principles of smart growth, green building and sustainable community design, KL Metropolis will inevitably set the benchmark for future sustainable developments in the region.

Comprising a world-class exhibition space, architecturally advanced office buildings, luxury condominiums, boutique hotels, museum, art complexes and a specialist healthcare precinct along with a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment experiences, this breakthrough development also boasts a landmark mixed used tower, which will further cement KL Metropolis as Malaysia’s new iconic landmark.

Creative Home: Tell us a little about this project.

Blaine Robert: As you know there are many projects on-going in KL.  However, this one is special.  It is not just the creation of a new luxury condominium but of a brand new township strategically located for a new and vibrant lifestyle.  As an interior designer, this excites me. Being part of something like this makes me very proud to be a part of the future development of Kuala Lumpur.

CH: What is most important as an interior designer?
As an interior designer, there are a great number of potential clients to work with. It is my practice to pick and choose very carefully. I demand a relationship based on trust and integrity – a partnership, and devoid a master/servant relationship. Creating someone’s home/office/hotel/space where they will eventually live, work, laugh, cry, fight and love is a job not to be taken lightly.  It is a privileged role and a good relationship with your client fosters the greatest outcome.

CH: How did the collaboration with Naza TTDI happen?
I saw a potential project I liked. Met with their people and immediately felt that my skills and experience were valued. I was impressed by their vision and felt the confidence and strength behind the Naza group to achieve something new and exciting for Malaysians.    

CH: What was the main style/concept you tried to achieve and what was the inspiration behind the interior design?
A new township in itself was the motivation. Having the opportunity to create a new lifestyle for all Malaysians to move into one of the most prestigious areas of new KL was definitely the key motivation for this project.  I was inspired by the BMW “the next 100” concept launch.  I wanted to integrate performance through design, taking product design and bringing it into the 3 dimensional realm of life. I wanted to create a space that visually pleased to satisfy the soul.
CH: What is the purpose of creating a sales gallery?
A sales gallery is often forgotten or neglected.  But, in my opinion, it differentiates the strong developers from the weak.  Its purpose is to take people on an adventure. Lead them through more than just a showroom but to guide them and visually show them the strength and intention behind what their development is all about.  It is a statement of pride.  It says, “we will go the extra mile to help you understand what we are so excited and proud of.”

CH: What was the most challenging part in this project?
The most challenging part of any project is making sure to keep the focus and attention on the main goal.  Meaning, not getting caught up in the thousands of questions required to create and execute the design but making sure it satisfies the people that will make it a regular part of their daily life.

CH: What would you like our reader to know about Blaine Robert?
BR: Asides from being super talented, he is sexy, smart and single… [laughs].

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