Home Mesmerizing Effect: Acacia Fabric’s 2017 Be Mesmerized Exhibition Presented a Showcase of the Brand’s Latest Collections

Mesmerizing Effect: Acacia Fabric’s 2017 Be Mesmerized Exhibition Presented a Showcase of the Brand’s Latest Collections


Since they were established in 1994, Acacia Fabrics have always aimed to be at the forefront of the latest textile technology. Thanks to the company’s constant push for innovation, they have grown to become Southeast Asia’s leading distributor of quality European fabrics.

Headquartered in Malaysia, Acacia Fabrics now have regional offices and warehouses in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The company also manages three iconic home-grown brands: Acacia, Estelle and Estelle Prestige and distributes two other merited brand names such as FROne and UV Pro.

Today, this company’s philosophy for innovation is as strong as ever. In April this year, they are about to revolutionise the fabrics industry once more with the FibreGuard and Yarn Pro technologies, which were two of the main highlights at their annual Be Mesmerized Exhibition.

Yarnpro – Amazon

Yarnpro – Warlock

The FibreGuard and Yarn Pro technologies are the result of the company’s efforts to meet a rising need among consumers for easy fabric maintenance while keeping the fabrics’ visual appeal intact at the same time. They are created via the Acacia Fabrics cutting-edge lab research capabilities.

Fibreguard – Orlando

Fibreguard – Octavia

The FibreGuard Stain Free Technology utilises advanced, new wave technology. With its easy cleaning methods, sofa owners are able to remove stubborn stains that have penetrated their sofa’s fabric, such as chocolate, red wine, spaghetti sauce and lipstick. This Stain Free technology will be able to withstand more than 50 washes.

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The Yarn Pro Liquid Stain Repellent Technology makes it easy to clean off wine, soya sauce and soft drink stains from your sofa. This technological treatment is so durable that it will not wear off for seven washes – adequate for a sofa’s lifetime of usage.

During their development process, harmful components such as C8 molecules are removed while maintaining the effectiveness of these technologies. This C8 component should be taken seriously as it produces a toxin in human bodies that is not biodegradable. It is almost impossible to eliminate this toxin from human bodies, which will accumulate over time.

Easy to use and effective yet cuttingedge, the FibreGuard and Yarn Pro technologies have earned the STANDARD 100 Certification by OEKO-TEX®, an international certification system for all fabric products. By April 2017, Acacia Fabrics will provide simple stain-removal videos and demo kits to assist their dealers in sharing this knowledge with the customers.