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8 Best Fathers Day Gifts You Can Buy Online


Fathers — we try to honour their voluntarily taking up the mantle of parenthood by allowing them their hard-earned peace on the weekends, but there is one day of the year when every living person takes stock of their lives and thinks of the ones who helped raise them. If you’re thinking beyond a silk tie or a set of grooming accessories this Fathers Day, we’ve listed some of the appliances that (most) men would appreciate having in their sanctuary.

1. Man Cave Games

Interior design by: Steve Bennett Builders

If you’re old enough to read this, then you’ve likely got a father who is guilty of spending a gratuitous proportion of his childhood in gaming arcades. More popular with teenagers of bygone eras, these youth hangouts are the settings of stories such as “Tron” and “Wreck-It Ralph” — and if these films piqued your old man’s interest, then you can be sure he would appreciate a retro arcade gaming machine. Finding a specific gaming machine of nostalgic value by name may take some searching through online marketplaces, but one could always be found at BilliardsDirect.co, by Eight Ball, a local purveyor of refurbished arcade machines with a warehouse in Pandan Indah. If your father was more of a pool shark than the kind to hang out at the gaming arcade, then you should know that Eight Ball Sdn. Bhd. also carries pool and snooker tables — in addition to claw crane game machines, jukeboxes, dartboards, foosball tables, air hockey tables, and table tennis tables.

2. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Image Credit: Sony

Ordinary headphones on their own provide only one function, but noise-cancelling headphones can also be worn to cut out ambient noise and to induce sleep or focus — two things that every person needs and fathers need even more of. Even if you’ve grown beyond the age of running around the house making siren sounds with your mouth, a father would appreciate receiving the gift of Sony’s ZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones on Fathers Day. These lightweight headphones are highly portable and purportedly able to remove 95 percent of ambient noise on 80 hours of battery life — and it comes with an adapter to enable its use on airplanes. So if your father hasn’t gone and gotten himself one already, you could make him out to be the tech savviest (and the most beloved) father in the airport.

3. Massage Chair

Image Credit: Osim

While we have taken a look at recliners previously, few pieces of furniture can exceed the comfort and decadent luxury of a massage chair. The pictured uNano from Osim is an example of a masculine-looking massage chair that would be a treasured complement to any man cave. If your father is the kind who would appreciate slumping into a massage chair following a hard day’s work, the uNano provides eight preloaded programs of kneading, tapping, and rolling from head to toe. If you’re looking for something not quite as large, Osim is slashing prices on a number of their peripheral devices ahead of Fathers Day this year.

4. Performance Furniture

Image Credit: Sunperry Furniture

Some fathers take their work home with them, and the gift of some home office furniture would demonstrate your appreciation for all that the patriarch must do to keep a household together. From our breakdowns of the top furniture brands and stores in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, and Puchong, we picked out Sunperry Furniture as a relatively versatile provider of affordable home office furniture.  The pictured Aster System Office Table features a modern amalgamation of darkly stained wood and legs of industrial steel that would be suitable for discerning suit-wearing executives. If your father is the kind of person who would not warm up to another reminder of work responsibilities at home, Sunperry Furniture’s product catalogue also includes a wide range of indoor and exterior furniture for any part of the home.

5. Smart Home Security

Every father worries about his family’s security — it’s the mark of an eternal protector. So why not bear some of that weight on your own? When we took a look at the various home security solutions and door locks available to Malaysian homeowners, we found a range of options that would appeal to different mindsets: there exists a varied landscape of proprietary systems that require installation with a modicum of know-how and some tinkering — while the other end of the spectrum is occupied by parties such as the global security giant ADT, which provides the kind of service packages that would appeal to one-stop shoppers. If you’re looking for a different sort of gift, and if learning about new gadgets is not beyond your capabilities, consider wiring up your family’s home with security and handing your father the keys this Fathers Day.

6. Coffee Machine

Image Credit: Breville

When we last reviewed the top five coffee makers available in Malaysia, we found it impossible to pick out a single favourite. But the challenge is perhaps not so insurmountable when one is intimately familiar with the coffee drinking habits of one’s own father. For a veteran consumer of caffeine who knows exactly how he likes his coffee, we would recommend a machine that takes whole beans and turns them into full-fledged espressos with the aid of a burr grinder — such as the pictured stainless steel beauty by Breville, the BES920. For recent converts, we would recommend a capsule-based machine, and for the coffee drinker who is just beginning to explore bean origins, we would recommend something like De’Longhi’s all-in-one, whole-bean-to-custom-coffee, Elatta coffee machine.

7. Barbeque Set

Just as with coffee machines, our line-up of the top five barbeque grills in Malaysia presents options for the serious as well as the casual. For the outdoorsman who enjoys taking the road less travelled, we would recommend either the Kovea portable grill or Coleman‘s Roadtrip grill, two exemplar offerings that could be stowed in a vehicle and pulled out once a campsite is set out. For homebodies, we have found grills that could occupy a permanent spot on the patio — such as the Firenzzi BBQ Expert grill, or grills lighter in weight that could be wheeled out from the kitchen when needed — such as Ikea‘s ÄPPLARÖ / KLASEN charcoal barbecue set.

8. Smart Television

If you’re considering the purchase of a smart television this Fathers Day, you may have found yourself inundated by choices from various brands, with offerings across most brands sharing very similar characteristics. Beyond screen size and retail price, the primary factor to influence your decision should be the flavour of smart technology already utilised or planned in the home (iOS, webOS, Fire OS, IFTTT, Android, SmartThings, or others). Picking out a smart television that can be linked with an existing router, smart phone, smart lock, and other connected devices in a home removes some of the complexities that come with the Internet of Things and renders the whole network of devices usable from a single point.

* Brands are listed in no particular order