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10 Spaces Fit for Dad


The Work Space
Dads work hard to earn for his family, they are serious and hardworking, and the study/working area is definitely one of the most important place where they spent most of their time in. So, make sure it has a proper and comfortable seating and functional features that suit their workstyle! 

Designed by | MDS Interior

Designed by | One Roof

Designed by | Sky Creation

Working Out!
Every dad needs his workout! Whether it’s for health purpose, or just a habit of him, let’s leave dad alone to sweat & relax!

Design by | Architrio

TV Space
Dad loves his TV! He will always be the one in charge of the TV remote when he’s in the living room watching news and TV shows. So should we prepare a TV space for dad only? A cosy high back sofa and a 36-inch plasma TV will definitely do the work!

Designed by | Design Base

Designed by | Turn Design

The Newspaper Seat (Lay Back & Relax)
Some time in morning, dad will hold on to his newspaper and have a morning read. Instead of using the living room where everyone is doing something, there should be a designated place for dad for his cosy read, and when tired, sleep in it with newspaper covering his face.

mds-interior1Designed by | MDS Interior

Designed by | Turn Design

Designed by | Nu Infinity

Let’s have some Fun!
Beside the normal dining-happy-hour, let’s play game with dad! Though it is important to save the seat for dad in the house, we should also spend some quality time with dad! 

Designed by | SQFT